We don’t built the product,
we built the people!


Corporate Christmas events always bring together colleagues, give positive emotions and energy for
working life, and the corporate New Year – is the most wonderful and enjoyable holiday for everyone, no
matter what position a person holds. Corporate New Year celebration has become a good tradition for
our company in Ukraine.
For Save Max Ukraine New Year Rally, 2013 was the special and unforgettable! We managed to organize
a holiday to combine successfully the solemn part with traditional one. During solemn part the
ceremony of handing rewards was conducted – crystals with a 3D pictures and nominal inscriptions –
each was differed in his own nomination. Nominees went out to the stage under thunder of applauses
and pronounced the words of gratitude for those, who helped them to attain the success.
The second part of the corporate party guys enjoyed a rich cocktail menu of lounge bar Mai Tai, dishes
from the restaurant menu, hookah, karaoke, dancing and all other what people enjoy usually, coming in
a good place with a good mood.
There were also guests and partners of our company from Slovakia and Switzerland.

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