We don’t built the product,
we built the people!


This days Aleksey Bilonozhko (manager of Save Max, Kharkov) had an original “birthday”.Eight years
had passed from the moment of his arrival in the company (October, 7, 2008). This date is symbolic, but
we decided, not to ignore this moment.
Guys often come to Managers and take an interest how to become an Assistant, what is necessary to
have a success in Save Max? Today Aleksey is sharing with us his own brand-name recipe of success in a
Date of birth 24.06.1986.
Graduated the National Academy of Government Service of Ukraine on specialty – the “Financial
Monitoring and Control of Financial Market Institutions”.
He works in the company since October, 07, 2008. In 2 months of his work he became a business coach.
In May 2010 he was nominated to Assistant Manager.
21.11.2010 – opened his office in Kharkov.
“When you have a choice to live your life like each other or to define your own way, a fate always gives variants. In this moment only on you depends, what choice you will make. Most People choose the easy ways and miss. But not me! I have chosen not a simple way and had a right. My choice – is Save Max! Lao Tzu says: ‘Even a journey in thousand miles begins with single “.
I did my first step by sending my resume to Save Max (October, 06, 2008). My way was not simple, but a reward which awaited me was worth it. Exactly in 1 year 7 months and 5 days I’ve got a success and became Assistant Manager. After 5 months I opened my own office in Kharkov and became Manager.
Now my basic mission – is to pass my best experience to young ambitious and active persons directing them in the achievement of success.
There are many factors which do not depend on us and it is not in our force to change them, but we can change the attitude toward them. In this company I was taught this vision of a life. It allows to see many possibilities, to accept correct decisions and to make the right choice.
Now I know exactly, if you’ll find a favorite business, then you will never work. Save Max is not a work –it is a LIFESTYLE!”.

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