We don’t built the product,
we built the people!


This Tuesday, October, 25, 2016 a masterclass for Leaders: “The Crisis Thinking. New Possibilities in
Business” have passed in Kyiv. Author and anchorman was well-known and favorite by us Brian Tracy.
We annually visit his masterclasses. He is the best practical worker; he began the career in face-to- face
Brian Tracy is a president of “Brian Tracy International” and “Business Growth Strategies” – internet
companies, which helps the firms of any size to increase the sales and profitability by applying the best
practices of the most successful companies all over the world (to know more about Brian Tracy visit his
web-site: www.briantracy.com).
The cheapest tickets for this training costed 210 USD
The possibility to visit this measure was given to best Trainers of Save Max Ukraine. To those, who
perfectly showed the results not only in sales but also in the amount of the accepted people, the quality
of work with them and the attitude toward the work in an office.
“Like many young people, I started with low-paid variants of work, worked on a farm, gathered
mushrooms. You know, at the beginning of your career your always have to begin from a zero. When
the level of your knowledge begins to grow – grow your profits.
Imagine that each step on a stair of success – is new skill. Thus, with every passed step you begin
to choose what you want to do and more possibilities appear for you.
80% of people study during the first year, and then stick on this height. But what does distinguish you,
for example, from the same Warren Buffed or any other successful man? Each of us has 24 hours, 7
days in a week and 168 hours. Is it a true? Each successful person spends every day 2 hours from his
time to study the new area – it is 10 hours a week! How do you consider, can each do the same? Is it
simple to distinguish 10 hours of the life, 5 days in a week, 2 hours of time every day? Memorize: The
more you study, the more you are able to earn, thus your brain gets used constantly to get more
necessary information.
When Napoleon Heel – author of a book “Think and Grow Rich” – studied biographies and histories of
500 most successful and influential people, he came to the conclusion, that all their skills these people
purchased in the process of educating. They always drew the valuable morals and did not consider
their errors as a failure. The biggest mistake of the majority of people – instantaneous operating on a
mistake without a clear plan. And main – without fuss! Get facts. Those, who answers questions – are
under control, but those, who sets question – controls the situation. In a root of any failure lies a
wrong conclusion.
There is too much optimism in business, especially concerning sales. When Napoleon was asked what
was the secret of his numberless victories, he answered: “I BELIEVE IN BAD SUCCESS. PLAN SO TO
ELIMINATE IT!”.Napoleon Bonaparte won 300 battles and lost only 3. And in those 3 times, he had
only one plan.
Absolute clearness, concentration and focusing on something one. There is not a guarantee, that you
will be successful. But if there is not a concentration – you will fail!”.Brian Tracy

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