We don’t built the product,
we built the people!


While to Ukraine the real spring did not yet come, days yet are short and cold, and on roads snow
continues to lie, top- management of Save Max Ukraine decided to go for a warm to Thailand.
Thailand is: a unique culture and traditions, a great number of Buddhist shrines and temples, it is
relaxing on the white beaches, buried in tropical greenery, the refined Thai kitchen, and world-famous
Thai massage.
We decided to do our rest active, visiting not only one island, but a few of them, beginning the
acquaintance with this country from Phuket Island, where animated Bangla Road with its great number
of pubs and bars became the main place of our resting. On the ferry we moved to the lovely island of
Phi-Phi, where we spent 3 unforgettable days. But the most memorable were nights – disco, fire show,
music until the morning. For cultural and relaxing holiday at the end of our trip we went to Krabi Island.
Before leaving, we promised to come back next year, so nice rest we had in Thailand.

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