We don’t built the product,
we built the people!


For each Save Max – is a school of life, school of manager. Far not all have a success here. But no one
goes away poorer than he was. We have in mind the experience and thinking, which colossally changes
with the arrival in the company. Our newly made Manager from Poltava Vladislav Gresko shares his
experience and a recipe for success.
“Work in Save Max – is a crazy drive!”
I was born in Dneprodzerzhinsk. Graduated Dnepropetrovsk National University of Transportation
Engineering with honors. In the university passed through practice – worked as train conductor. Before
the Save Max my life in no way was related to the sales.
In December, 2013 I posted a resume on a web-site, looking for a job in Dnepropetrovsk, and I was
called by HR-manager of Save Max company. After the interview I was hired. From the first day I liked it:
a young team and positive working atmosphere pleased me from the first day; and further it has always
played an important role for me. So I got an excellent chance for self-development! A month later I
became the Leader, knowing nothing about sales before; a month later – I became a Trainer and began
to teach my own command. I had a rapid development in Dnepropetrovsk and built one of the strongest
commands in Ukraine. After 1 year and 2 months I’ve got the nomination to Assistant Manager. After 6
months of work I opened my own office in Poltava. In November, 2015, thanks to the success of my
team and the office of Poltava in general, I was promoted to Regional Manager of the company.
Besides this, Save Max – is, first of all, the company, which values the employees and is doing everything
possible to ensure that they have an opportunity to develop. Secondly, the work in Save Max – is
prestigious. And, thirdly, the company gives a lot of possibilities and here you always have a way for
improvement. Our company has many examples of employees who have made a brilliant career here in
just a few years. In my case, this opportunity has already been implemented, and I could realize it even
Therefore, I invite ambitious and purposeful people to work in Save Max.
If you will do your work in a good way, will constantly develop yourself and will put to yourself the goals
even more overpriced than can be achieved – then you will always have a chance to build a great career

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