Save max Company
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    20 years of work on the territory of Eastern Europe: Poland, Serbia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Ukraine.

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    10 years of successful work in Ukraine. 16 regional representative offices with a main office in Kyiv: Kharkiv, Odesa, Dnipro, Zaporizhia, Vinnitsa, Cherkassy, Mykolaiv, Rivne, Mariupol, Poltava, Sumy, Kherson, Zhytomyr, Chernigiv and Kryvyi Rig

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    There are 478 leading partners in the brief-case of a company.

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    736 PR - projects in 45 cities of our country.

  • 2,8

    More than 2,8 million satisfied clients.

Partners of Save max company

We have accumulated a rich experience in cooperation with many organizations from cultural and entertainment business. The basis of our successful work are: guaranteed attraction of new customers, double-quick promotion of the brand in a competitive environment, the creation of stable, long-term relationships and mutually beneficial partnership.

Our team
Career in Save Max

Growing rapidly Save Max is opening new regional offices on the territory of Ukraine and abroad. The philosophy of our business: we do not hire but grow the management! And it means that our company is interested in young specialists without work experience, who will join a command to grow and develop together.


You can easily send us your CV. Simply push the button "Want into command". Choose the city and the vacancy you are interested in. Attach your CV and push the button "Send".


Main criterions of Save Max candidate’s selection are: youth, ambitions, desire to develop and build a career in the international company of European level.

Each application is carefully checked by our recruiters offices

a Personal interview

Telephone will never replace the personal contact. Therefore, if you were called with invitation to arrive and to meet with a Chief Manager - act, but do not delay!


The best method to apprise the candidate is to give him an opportunity to be dipped in our atmosphere for the whole work-day. Without unnecessary words to see the negotiations with clients we cooperate with, our projects, transactions and more other.


The Head Trainer and the Chief Manager will meet you for a discussion and decision-making.


After the successful passing of day-internship and signing the employment contract follows the acquaintance with the command (missions, tasks, contacts etc.). As well as the seminar «Save Max Discovery», which focuses on the presentation of our work culture and other relevant information for all new employees.

What we look for?

There's no substitute, all is about the attitude!

What we offer?

Save Max accepts people from different cultures and different characters and is designing for each the individual plan of training and development. We teach employees only at the expense of the company. The main investment from their side - time and action.


We will help you to perfect your talents in the field of management, to acquire teamwork skills and to find your style of leadership and communication - to realize your full potential.

success atmosphere

We achieve success being a team with joint efforts. Come and see that our employees do not work, they are doing the thing they like. Because we are convinced: another people work but we are having a fun.

No seniority

Your today's action and hot desire to be the first are important in Save Max! Aside from directors! The European system of rating and development of employees allows young people to build a rapid career in the company regardless of age and experience.


The process of career development is based on using the simple tools which are available to all employees of the company. It's an exciting way to self-realization, production and application of knowledge and experience in management and psychology.


Save Max Company believes that every employee deserves respect. The effort, participation and contribution to the company's work should be rewarded. The main bonus is the opportunity to have your own business, passing your way from a “student” till the company partner.

What is your job

Sales department

Junior sales Manager

The work in the sales department requires the full engagement of employees. This work demand a lot of skills: the work of a doctor (diagnosis), the play of a good actor, the skill of the psychologist and more other to meet customers’ expectations. We offer the opportunity to work in a professional environment, where there are a clear career prospects.

Admin and personal department

office manager

It is the first and very important person of the company. Our office manager is not only the most beautiful but also the best in the organization of administrative processes and providing the office life. Must-have skills are: the ability to find a common language with clients, candidates for the job and employees.

Marketing department

Designer of printing arts

There are a lot of projects and ideas. A designer has an important task - to realize the idea in convenient and comfortable form, and the main task is to interest and cause a desire for a client. To create a unique character of brand you must constantly be aware of fashion trends and have time to develop new software products.

Our offices
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